Homeowners tips: Water Backup Endorsement, what does it cover?

Long's Insurance Agency

Raspberry Hill Flood 9Water backup is one of the most common causes of loss for homeowners but also one of the most misunderstood.

What’s covered, what’s not?

Homeowners policy provides coverage for water that backs up through sewers or drains as long as it originates on premises. As this chart shows, the optional endorsement expands the coverage to provide better protection. This optional endorsement is called Escape of Water from a Sump, Sump Pump or Drain on the Residence Premises.*

Covered by  homeowners policy Not covered by  homeowners policy Covered by the  optional endorsement
Toilet or shower drain gets clogged and  overflows causing damage Sewer line in the street backs up and  causes the overflow. (Exception: in Texas, this is covered by Safeco’s Homeowners policy.) Coverage is expanded to include backup or  overflow from causes originating off premises as long as the backup or  overflow itself occurs on the premises

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